The perks of using Amyal app

Through Amyal app, we aim to take the leap into the world of insurance specially inside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia according to the vision of 2030 that seeks the support of our national economy. Due to these reasons, we founded Amyal app that ensures safety for vehicles by providing insurance policies in alignment with insurance terms inside the market of Saudi Arabia and its market price.

Through the app, we provided pioneering solutions that satisfies our users’ needs. The App is based on a technology that analyzes the driver’s behavior. By logging into the app and choosing the vehicle you want to insure, the driver will be awarded an insurance policy according to the market price, then we will be installing the OBD device int the car, which works on measuring and analyzing the performance during driving.

Through these analytics and statistics, we measure the performance of the driver every month. And when his driving habits improve over the course of days in a manner that shows a notable increase in safety and risk avoidance, he gets a discount on the insurance premium. And that’s how we achieve our mission in Amyal, by offering discounts on insurance premiums and enforcing the principle pf saving based on safety.

Also, the app provides profiles for every user where it contains detailed information on the driver and the behaviors it takes like: brakes, rotation, miles drove, speed, fuel record, driving scores, and acceleration rate among other in depth information that is gathered through the in depth connection between the vehicle and its ability to analyze its driver behavior.

All the data collected are processed by the algorithms of the app and then turned into percentages and scores so the driver can get an overview about its driving performance and what are the risks and problems that he might face and affect his life safety, the malfunctions that might occur to his vehicle, and eventually know exactly the kind of insurance its vehicle needs.

All the previously stated features will help the vehicle’s driver with improving his performance and put a limit to the dangers he faces on the road. Also, this will be encouraging for the good drivers through an award program that is based on his driving style.

The app also includes the notifications system that is sent automatically to the user before the problem occurrence to help him avoid it. As we provide users with real time updates to help discover malfunctions and possible issues to be solved immediately.

Through Amyal app, we aim to provide an easy and fast insurance experience for everyone 🙂

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