Amyal visions and goals

Amyal is a company that specializes in vehicles insurance inside Saudi Arabia through the app that is connected to OBD device installed in the vehicle.

Amyal believes in the importance of using technology and depending on accurate data and statistics to innovate an app that serves individuals better, helps them save their money, enhance financial inclusion for them, and protect their lives from the dangers they face on the road.

Amyal relies on technology that measures accurately “how” individuals drive their cars, regardless of who they are or the brand they drive. That’s why you can find many behaviors that we take into account while evaluating driving like: brakes, rotation, miles drove, speed, acceleration rate, … etc. In the result eventuality, is better driving and less danger and effective user experience for everyone not to mention saving money through a percentage of the premium as a result of performance improvement.

The team thought a lot how to better utilize this technology and make easier for the audience and found that the best way is by presenting it through a mobile phone and launch an app that helps users improve their driving performance, save money, and avoid dangers through an OBD device installed in car by Amyal.

One of the visions that Amyal holds is helping good drivers in securing their vehicles by providing them with the data and accurate statistics on their driving in order to develop their skills further. And for the drivers who have issues with their driving behavior that could result in vehicle damage or accidents, Amyal seeks to help them with real time app notifications and tips that tackle their car issues.

By relying on the app, they will measure the driving performance and determine accurately who is driving safe and who’s not by tracking and understanding the actual driving behavior.

Through the app, they aim to help the different vehicles drivers to save lots of money spent on car insurance and maintenance. It’s a certain thing that drivers will notice that by comparing the costs spent on their cars to previous years.

Amyal will continue to develop its app to fit with the the actual driving of everyone as its always keen on providing a unique and useful experience.

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