Questions that we are pleased to answer about Amyal.

What is Amyal application?

Amyal is an app that specializes in the industry of car insurance by giving companies and drivers suitable insurance policies, in addition to installing an OBD device to the vehicles to provides drivers with data and statistics about their driving behavior and keep them safe from risks and protect their cars from any future problems.

Where does Amyal provide its services?

Amyal operates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

What does the app rely on?

The app relies on analyzing the drivers behavior in detail in order to provide a suitable insurance amount for the vehicles.

What are the behaviors it tracks for every driver?

The app tracks braking, turning, speed, and the amount of miles made among other metrics that help in estimating the insurance amount.

What are the personal information does Amyal app collect?

The app needs to have the name, email, ID number. The ID number helps us in listing all the user vehicles so he/she can choose if he wants to insure it all or just one. This happens by linking the app to some governmental authorities that provides this data.

Is the app always available, as my shift requires overnight driving?

The app is available 24/7 since we think of all users and the different usage conditions.

What are the benefits of using Amyal app?

When using Amyal app, you will have the information and statistics needed to avoid problems that put your life in danger. The app will help you track your car condition and get a discount on your insurance installments based on your driving performance.

How to know that there’s a problem with the vehicle?

You will get a notification on real time basis with the problems in your vehicle and crashing records.